Post mission signal received


Thursday (Roosevelt: to Churchill: to Mountbatten: to Pierce: to Wingate: to Auld: to Burwell - to all the gang)

The following signal has been received from the supreme commander Southeast Asia:

"I have great pleasure in passing on to you a telegram that I have just received from the Prime Minister. I would be glad if you could pass it on to Wingate and those concerned".

"To the President, I have reported your airborne attack to which he has replied as follows: I am thrilled by the news of mobile column success under Wingate. Please give him my hearty good wishes not forgetting the mules".

If you would bring this to the notice of all concerned I would be very glad.

The following is a paraphrase of radio gram received from Commander Special Force.

"To all your command, please convey my sincere thanks and admiration on behalf of Special Force for the smoothness, dash and efficiency with which this hazardous operation has been carried out with 100% success to date. All ranks of Special Force have been filled with confidence by the performance of troop carrier pilots". Wingate

Attested 2000: Harry A. Blair

Historian 27th Troop Carrier Squadron

La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA